This is a quick review and study guide for the AZ-120 (Microsoft Certified: Azure for SAP Workloads Specialty).

If you want to take this exam, a short description can be found below, which summarises who this exam is intended for.

Candidates for this certification should be architects or engineers with extensive experience and knowledge of the SAP system landscape and industry standards specific to the initial migration or integration and the long-term operation of an SAP solution on Microsoft Azure.

Would I say that's 100% true? Probably not. This exam is undoubtedly tailored for SAP systems with the questions it asks, but most are just general infrastructure questions for running applications in Azure. This includes network security, high availability and BCDR technologies to use in Azure.

I used the Pluralsight material for this exam, which can be accessed below. Pluralsight does cost, and I have a monthly subscription.  

For free material, I would use the Microsoft learning modules, which can be found here. Microsoft Certified: Azure for SAP Workloads Specialty - Certifications | Microsoft Learn

Would I retake this exam? Yes, I probably would.

This exam is very much IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) focused and goes over some of the core components of running successful IaaS workloads in Azure. If you've passed the AZ-104 exam, you could probably pass this one easily - with some slight reading up on running SAP systems in Azure.

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